ULA Scholarship Guidelines and Application


ULA Scholarships are intended to provide professional development opportunities to those who otherwise would not have them. Priority will be given to those for whom this is the only opportunity to participate in professional conferences or workshops. Funds for ULA Scholarships are provided primarily from revenue received through the annual ULA Silent Auction.

Appropriate Uses

  • Each scholarship has unique funding items and purposes.
  • ULA one year Membership Scholarships will be awarded to Utah residents employed by or affiliated with libraries that are located in the state of Utah.
  • ULA Conference Scholarships will be awarded to ULA members who demonstrate a need and desire for professional development that enhances the recipient’s ability to perform librarian functions.
  • Conference Scholarship funds will not be provided for travel/transportation but are available for association membership and/or conference registration fees.
  • ULA scholarship award reimbursements cannot be issued to institutions; initial charges must be paid by the individual award recipient.

Call for Scholarships

A call for scholarship applications will be announced twice a year, which allows for attendance at the ULA conference as well as other conferences held in Utah. The deadlines for application submissions are 31 January and 31 July.

Once submitted, the ULA Scholarship Committee will review applications for merit and recipients will be notified. The scholarship recipient is then responsible for paying any fees and upon completion of the conference will submit receipts for approved fees and purposes. Upon verification, the recipient will be reimbursed.


  • A complete and detailed application
  • Must be a current ULA member (unless applying for ULA membership)
  • Demonstrated financial need
  • For conference attendance scholarship recipients, submit the receipt within two months of the conference along with a brief summary (no more than two pages) of how the conference impacted your professional development.
  • For annual ULA membership scholarship recipients, submit the receipt within two months of membership beginning. Following the one-year membership, submit a brief summary (no more than two pages) of how the membership benefited the library or your individual professional development.
  • This summary will be shared in the ULA newsletter and on the ULA website. Presentation at a future ULA conference is also encouraged.
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