The Nominating Committee is responsible for overseeing the nominations and elections procedures of ULA and its units. The committee is chaired by the Immediate Past-President and two Board Members-at-Large are assigned by the President to also serve on the committee. Duties include:

  • Nominating ULA members in good standing to fill the annual slate of association officers. Nominations may come from the committee and from general calls to the membership for nominations.
  • Presenting the slate of candidates for approval by the ULA Board at the December Board meeting.
  • Preparing and distributing the ballot by mid-February with the assistance of the Executive Director.
  • Gathering biographies of nominees and coordinating with Section and Roundtable nominating committees to include their slates of candidates in the ballot.
  • Verify that ULA unit leaders are making good-faith efforts to find appropriate officer candidates.
  • Include any ULA Bylaws amendment to be voted on with accompanying explanations in the ballot.
  • Oversee the voting process and report the results to the President by mid-March.

ULA Nominations

Association Officer Nomination Forms

Nominations are due by Oct. 31 for the 2022 Election.

Marissa Bischoff
Harold B. Lee Library, BYU
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