ULA Paraprofessional Certificate Program


The paraprofessional certificate program serves several purposes in the Utah library community. First, it is designed to recognize the involvement and contributions of career-oriented library paraprofessionals in Utah and to acknowledge their support of libraries and librarianship. Second, it promotes personal development through professional involvement. And finally, it allows paraprofessionals to demonstrate a commitment to librarianship and increase their skills.

It should be noted that the ULA Paraprofessional Certificate program allows for recognition and encourages personal and professional development, but it is not a substitute for the Master of Library Science degree, the Utah Library Media Certificate, any other library degree, or other professional credentials.

For the purposes of this program, a paraprofessional is defined as a library worker who does not hold a professional library degree.


Registering for the Program

A Participant must submit the online registration form.

  • All registration information and forms are available for printing from the ULA website.
  • Registration will expire four (4) years from time of submission.
  • The participant should notify the Program Coordinator of changes in contact information (email address, phone number, employment, etc.)
  • Registration for the program does not guarantee the final awarding of a certificate.

After registration is received, a confirmation letter is sent by the Program Coordinator. A mentor will then be assigned and a link for the UEN Canvas Course website provided. Participants may contact the Program Coordinator and their mentor via email or through the Canvas Course website. Participants are encouraged to work closely with their assigned mentor to help navigate the program and maximize their opportunities.



Participants in ULA’s Paraprofessional Certificate Program will spend a minimum of two (2) years as part of the program and may take as long as four (4) years to complete the requirements.

Each participant will complete both required and elected badges in three competency sets, Professional Service, Professional Development and Professional Advocacy in order to complete the program and receive their certificate. A combination of current job duties and professional development opportunities in a wide range of library skills may be used to complete the badges.

The course website provides detailed program instructions and the requirements for each badge. Documentation to verify completion of requirements is submitted through the course website.

Steps to completing the program

Program FAQ

Paraprofessional Certificate Program Mentor Committee


ULA Paraprofessional Certificate Program
(revised June 3, 2022)