The Charge of the Advocacy Committee is to:

  1. Help ULA members effectively advocate for sustainable funding and support for library services.
  2. Promote legislative and advocacy support for library related legislation.
  3. Alert and advise ULA Leadership on opportunities to influence public policy that may directly impact library services.

Committee Leadership

Goals 2022-2023

  • Develop Process for Building Legislative Agenda
  • Nurturing UT Library Advocates Team. Onboard new leaders from ULA, UELMA, UEA.; work collaboratively on legislative funding and policy agendas and rapid response actions.
  • Leverage social media and coalition partners to identify Utahns who support libraries
  • Continue Building Relationships with Legislators
  • Map out constituency relationships between ULA members and elected officials
  • Continue to strengthen relationship with Utah Cultural Alliance and promote individual library memberships which support UCA’s legislative/lobbying for libraries

Bills We are Tracking

  • Bills will be added to this space

Actions You Can Take


Utah Library Advocates Guide

Calling libraries “an investment in our future,” representatives from the Utah Library Association (ULA), Utah Education Association (UEA), Utah Educational Library Media Association (UELMA), and Utah Library Media Supervisors (ULMS) announced the release of an eBook titled Utah Libraries: Keystone of Healthy Democracy, Student Success, and Prosperous Communities. The eBook highlights the value of libraries and their role in defending the freedom to read by providing useful information and actions that Utahns can take to fight censorship, including a parents’ guide for talking to kids about difficult topics.


  • January 27, 2022: Advocacy Training: On January 27, 2022, the Advocacy Committee held an online advocacy training. If you missed the training or would like to review it, a recording of the training and the slides for the training are both available.