Genealogy Roundtable (GENRT)

The Genealogy Roundtable provides a forum serving the interests of genealogists and of librarians whose work is in, or related to, the field of genealogy. Its objective is to train and assist librarians who provide service to genealogists.

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Genealogy Roundtable News

The webinar on DNA held by Julie Stoddard in March 2022 is now available on ULA’s YouTube channel. If you want the handout that contains the slides of the presentation, you need to contact Julie directly. Her email is stated in the presentation on marker 52:30 through 56:10.

We had a great virtual ULA Conference! The sessions will be available for a year including two GENRT featured sessions:

  • “Family and Local History Treasures in Utah’s Academic Libraries,” on Friday, May 21st, 2021 at 1:30 PM. It will feature academic librarians from across the state discussing their family and local history related collections.
  • “FamilySearch Digital Library: Touching Hearts Worldwide,” on Friday, May 21st, 2021 at 10:00 AM.

Past Meetings and Webinars

  • Kevan Hansen presented “Map Guide to German Parish Registers: Its Creation, Development, and Benefits for German Genealogy” on Monday, February 8,2021 in this webinar. Passcode: 9u@T#.NV
  • Jonathan Webb Deiss presented on the organization Reclaim the Records in this webinar from September 28, 2020.
    • To search through the records that they have reclaimed, go to Internet Archive and search for “Reclaim the Records” in the description field. Or go directly here.

Free Archived Webinar Series for Genealogy Librarians

This was a free series of 12 webinars specifically for Genealogy Librarians.

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GENRT Officers


Matt Armstrong
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Jennifer Schill
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Members at Large

Kathryn Althoff-Hall
Digital Books Processing and Publication Manager
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Jeremy Myntti
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ULA 2020 Cancelled

GENRT Activities at ULA 2019

At the ULA 2019 Annual Conference GENRT participated in these activities:

  • Ate Thursday lunch at the GENRT Table
  • Visited at the Annual Networking Social and Silent Auction
  • Attended some great sessions related to genealogy and local history:
    • In Libraries We Trust: The Role of Libraries in the 2020 Census
    • Religious Diversity in Salt Lake City: Historical and Contemporary Photographs at the University of Utah
    • Solving Family and Local History Mysteries Using Utah Digital Newspapers

ULA 2018

  • GENRT sponsored the following programs and events at the ULA 2018 Conference, May 16-18:
    • GENRT Reserved Table at Thursday Lunch
    • Hot Type: Utah Digital Newspapers, Tina Kirkham, Jeremy Myntti
    • ULA General Social, Genealogy Roundtable booth
    • Building Creative Communities: How Small and Rural Libraries Can Contribute to Economic Development and Civic Pride Across Utah, Juan Tomás Lee Morales, Kerri Nakamura, Natalie Peterson, Roger Roper
    • The FamilySearch Microfilm to Digital Transition, Joe Everett
    • Exhibiting Local Collections Online: from Mothballs to Exhibition, Ray Matthews, Jen Hughes, Alison Gardner, James Kichas, Kinza Masood, Sam Passey
    • Maps, Websites, and Apps, Ryan Combs, David Taylor, Tyson Thorpe

Webinar on Library of Congress Resources

GENRT sponsored the webinar “Hidden Genealogical Treasures in the Library of Congress” on September 7, 2017.