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Celebrate Black History Month

  • The Programming Librarian has compiled a great list of resources including book lists and programming ideas for Black History Month (February)- Black History Month Resource Round-up
  • The Black Caucus of the ALA (BCALA) invites you to participate in a study on Black History Month (BHM) Programming.While virtually every public library across the U.S. conducts some program during BHM, there has never been a systematic study to assess the content, scope, target age groups, and focus of that programming.  A planning grant from IMLS has allowed BCALA to bring together partners from key American Library Association Divisions and Offices, the Association for the Study of African American Life and History, the University of Michigan’s Program for Research on Black Americans, and other experts in the field to explore and catalog current BHM programming. In order to participate in the survey, you must work at a public library in the United States or one of the US Territories.  You can access the survey at bit.ly/365LTSJPlease complete the survey by March 1, 2021. You are more than welcomed to share this survey with your networks.

New Opportunity

Free webinar series presented by the Public Libraries Section (PLS) of the New York Library Association (NYLA)- Combating Racism in Libraries: Creating Spaces to Educate and Inform Our Communities.

DSRT & ULA Board Statement on Racism & Violence

The Diversity Services Roundtable (DSRT) and Board of Directors of the Utah Library Association (ULA) stands with the American Library Association (ALA) and the Black Caucus of the American Library Association (BCALA) in condemning violence and racism towards Black people and all People of Color.

The Diversity Services Roundtable and ULA condemns the death of George Floyd at the hands of police officers within the Minneapolis Police Department and denounces all acts of violence against Black people and People of Color. Racism weakens our institutions and destroys our communities.

DSRT and ULA stands in solidarity with library workers, with library users, and with members of the communities we serve and support who are susceptible to acts of prejudice, threats of violence, and even death based solely on their race or ethnicity. The pervasive racism present in our nation denies its residents equal rights and equal access and as such is a barrier to the goals of the library profession.

DSRT and ULA calls on Utah library and information services leaders, staff, and advocates of all races and backgrounds to abolish racism against Black people and against all People of Color and to see to it that it has no place in our institutions, our policies, our practices, or our behaviors.

The Diversity Services Roundtable is committed to our mission of promoting inclusivity, equity, and diversity in our profession and association, and to our goals of communication and promotion, and training, programming, and diversity initiatives.

In the following video, DSRT Chair Chaundra Johnson reads the statement in full.

Resources on Social Justice, Activism, and Anti-Racism


Book Lists




Resource Lists


The mission of the Diversity Services Round Table of the Utah Library Association is to promote inclusivity, equity, and diversity in our profession and association.

Goal 1: Communication and Promotion

Librarians may use the Diversity Services Round Table website to learn about providing equitable library services to everyone. The website will be updated with information about relevant training opportunities and resources.

Summary of Objectives: The Diversity Services Round Table leadership will use the website to communicate with members and librarians. The website will be used to promote the Diversity Services Round Table, recruit members and leadership, and share valuable resources on diversity, equity, and inclusion in library services.

Goal 2: Training, Programming, and Initiatives 

The Diversity Services Round Table will advocate for and promote training and development opportunities at the ULA Annual Conference.

Summary of Objectives: The Diversity Services Round Table leadership will encourage members to lead and attend training and conference sessions focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion within librarianship.


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Do you have a multicultural or diversity event coming up?

We would love to hear about it and showcase it here. Contact one of our officers.

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