Intellectual Freedom

We stand for the opportunity for all Utahns to read, view, listen, speak, write, or think freely. 

If you know of a situation where such an opportunity is being withheld or obstructed, especially in regard to Utah libraries, please contact the committee officers listed below.

Inform yourself and those around you!


Read ALA’s Library Bill of Rights  and Freedom to Read Statement.

We rely on librarians, educators, and the public to report censorship. If you have encountered censorship and book challenges in your library or school, please help us by using ALA’s Challenge Reporting form.

Current Officers

Co-Chair: Debbie Short, Utah Valley University Fulton Library

Co-Chair: Katie Wegner, Summit County Library

Current Members

David Bird:

Shawn Bliss:

Christopher Bray:

Maralee Carlin:

Jami Carter:

Rita Christensen:

Dan Compton:

Rebekah Cummings:

Natalie Gregory:

Mindy Hale:

Patrick Hoecherl:

Alana Howlett:

Wanda M. Huffaker:

Trish Hull:

John Ingersoll:

Trudy Jorgensen-Price:

Daniel Mauchley:

Diana Meiser:

Anthony Morris:

Sherrie Mortensen:

Allyson Mower:

Mieke Nielson:

Catherine Soehner:

Kara VanderLinden:

Benjamin Whisenant:

Lee Whiting: