Technical Services Round Table (TSRT)

The Technical Services Round Table (TSRT) supports and promotes technical services activities such as cataloging, acquisitions, and serials in Utah libraries. The roundtable sponsors workshops & presentations to share the expertise of its members as well as bring in acknowledged experts in technical services-related areas from outside its membership. Objectives include disseminating information related to technical services to roundtable members, facilitating the exchange of ideas and experience, and fostering research and experimentation related to technical services.

Technical Services are “library operations concerned with the acquisition, organization (bibliographic control), physical processing, and maintenance of library collections, as opposed to the delivery of public services. Technical processing is performed behind the scenes, usually in a technical services department.” (

TSRT Roundtable Chair 2023-2024

Abby Beazer, Digital Initiatives Tech Specialist, Brigham Young University