ULA Paraprofessional Certification Program – Point Guidelines


  1. 500 points are required to earn the ULA Paraprofessional Certificate.
  2. Points may be counted back five years from the date of registration, and the applicant may take up to five years more to complete the requirements.
  3. A participant has an opportunity to show, through accumulated points, specialization in one of the four Areas of Library Service.
    If an area of specialization is selected, 200 of the points must be in that Area of Library Service, with the remaining points distributed between the other three Areas. If no Area is specialized, the points may be divided, with no Area of Library Service receiving less than 50 points.
  4. 200 total points must be earned in Professional Experience.
    Points are based on Full Time Equivalency (FTE) of 40 hours per week, 12 months per year.
    80 points a year for paid experience
    40 points a year for volunteer experience
  5. 200 total points must be earned in Professional Development.
    15 points per credit hour for library related courses taken from an institution of higher learning
    2 points per credit for non-library related courses
    5 points per 1 hour for non-credit library related related workshops/classes/seminars/webinars, online or in person
  6. 100 points must be earned in Professional Service.
    3 points per year for membership in a library related organization
    5 points per year for attendance at a library related conference
    1-15 points for service to a library related organization (Justified in writing)
    5-12 points for publications, presentations or teaching a class or workshop that must be library related (Justified in writing)

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