Auditing Your Collection
Auditing Your Collection

Year of Learning: We are now in our fifth month of our Year of Learning curriculum. Excellent training has been provided by the Utah State Library. Ideas, experiences, and meaningful dialog shared in our monthly meetups has recently created a unique ULA action plan—the Utah Library Association will create an Indigenous land acknowledgement statement for our 2022 Annual Conference and for the association website.

The Library and Instruction Round Table currently focus their unit meetups on the upcoming ULA conference theme of diversity. In October their discussion focused on the Year of Learning topic of "Serving & Including Community Members With Disabilities." Instruction librarians shared how they are serving neurodiverse patrons at their libraries through: accessibility checks, library instruction rooms, web inclusion practices, accessibility language, and equity audits.

During the month of October, library equity partners, the Utah Library Association and Utah State Library will focus on Auditing Your Collection. I hope you continue to take advantage of the monthly opportunities to learn, interact, and take action, that lead up to the ULA 2022 Annual Conference. Explore the Year of Learning Hub to familiarize yourself with the year long “United in Diversity | Unida en la Diversidad” curriculum.

Rita Christensen (She/Her/Hers) ULA President, 2021-2022

October 2021: Auditing Your Collection

LEARN Training: How to Audit Your Collection & Why – During the month of October, watch the Connecticut State Library Webinar entitled “From Diversity to Inclusion: How to Audit Your Collection and Why” by Kymberlee Powe. Please also take some time to visit Connecticut State Library’s Inclusive Collections LibGuide.

DISCUSS Zoom Meetup: Auditing Your Collection – Becca Lael/Allyson Mower/Rita Christensen – Thursday, October 28, 2021 – 12:00 p.m. Join us on October 28th at noon to discuss what you’ve learned about auditing your collection. The moderators have completed a diversity audit of one small portion of their collections and will also discuss their experiences. [Register Now]

TAKE ACTION: Get your feet wet with a diversity audit of one small portion of your collection. Try tackling graphic novels, one shelving range/bay, a DDC/LC class or subdivision, or collections used in high-profile events. Post what you learned and how you shared it in the Slack Discussion.

Introducing the ULA Assessment Roundtable
Introducing the ULA Assessment Roundtable

A July 2021 survey indicated that 62 employees across Utah’s libraries desire to learn more about library assessment via participation in a roundtable. In response to this interest, the ULA Assessment Roundtable (ART) was created on September 10, 2021. 

Its purpose is to develop a culture of assessment in Utah libraries by promoting the collection, analysis, and reporting of data that describes libraries’ function and value for communities, strategic planners, and decision-makers. It has four primary activities:

  1. Explain how data can inform value description, decision-making, and strategic planning for library operations (services, spaces, resources, patron interactions).
  2. Provide professional development to teach librarians how to assess library operations.
  3. Collaborate with other libraries on similar assessments.
  4. Disseminate assessment findings to library personnel and at workshops, conferences, and in journals.

Members will soon be contacted by email regarding the opportunity to contribute to the ART bylaws. For more information please visit the Assessment Roundtable Page.

Fall Workshop 2021
ULA Fall Workshop 2021

We held an inspiring ULA Fall Workshop this year! Adriane Herrick Juarez, Park City Library Director and host of Library Leadership Podcast, spoke on ever-evolving librarian leadership. In this keynote, Adriane gave an overview of library leadership theory and practice that includes flaws and graceful recovery, personalized leadership paths, leading at every level, and listening and responsiveness. Join Adriane in this passionate conversation that will shape your unique leadership path and career.

Additional workshop sessions:

  • Serving Neurodiverse Patrons
  • Updating Catalogs with More Inclusive Subject Headings
  • Let's Talk Race Literacy Kits
  • Acquiring and Processing Family History Materials at the Harold B. Lee Library
  • Storytime Podcasts 4 Little Learners
  • Libraries as Community Innovation Hubs and Business Resource Centers

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