Steps to Earning Your Certificate

  1. Sign up for the program on the ULA site and receive a login for the Canvas course.
  2. Introduce yourself to program mentors and participants in the course discussion board.
  3. “Meet” your mentor. Most of our communication is virtual but reach out to your mentor and introduce yourself. Share details such as where you work, how long you’ve worked there, what library tasks you perform as part of your job, how many hours a week you work and what your goals are.
  4. Learn about badge requirements and make plans for what projects and learning experiences you would like to use to complete them. If you have questions, reach out to your mentor or post them on the discussion board.
  5. Gather documentation to submit for badge requirements. Remember, you can use employment hours, projects and learning experiences you have had from the two year prior to your enrollment but you still need to spend two years as a program participant.
  6. Submit documentation via the Badge modules page as you complete requirements. Your mentor will review your materials, ask questions and approve your submissions.
  7. Track your progress from the Grades page as the gradebook will display what badges you have completed.
  8. Apply for your certificate when you complete all badges in the three competency sets. Talk to your mentor when you are ready to apply for your certificate. A letter that states you have completed the program can be provided to your supervisor at any time but your certificate will be awarded at the Utah Library Association conference held annually in May.
  9. Keep doing great work for Utah libraries and seek experiences to grow your skills!