Scholarship Applications

 ULA Scholarship Guidelines


Every year the Utah Library Association (ULA) holds a silent auction during the annual conference. The funds received from this auction are set aside for awarding scholarships to members of the association who demonstrate a need for financial assistance for professional development.


Scholarships will go towards conference registration fees. Because of the limited funds available for scholarships, a successful applicant will receive funding for up to the total amount needed for conference registration. Funding will be given as a reimbursement for conference attendance and upon completion of the requirements set forth below.


A call for scholarship applications will be announced at least twice a year (June and December), which allows for attendance to the ULA conference as well as other conferences throughout the year. Scholarship winners will be notified by the scholarship committee by the end of the month of January or July.

Acceptable uses

Funding will be awarded only to members of ULA and must be for a conference that enhances the recipient’s ability to perform librarian functions. The funding must also be used only for registration for a conference and paid by the individual, not the institution. An allowance for paying for membership will be considered if it makes sense financially (i.e. association fees plus registration is less than non-member registration).


  • A complete and detailed application
  • Must be a current ULA member
  • Demonstrated financial need (other funding sources have been tried)
  • Submit receipt for registration
  • A 2-page report of the conference and specific gains in professional development will be due to the scholarship committee 2 weeks after attending the conference. This report will be shared in the ULA newsletter and on the website. We also encourage you to think about presenting at a future ULA conference, sharing how you implemented the things you learned.