Early Literacy Development & Utah Kids Ready to Read!
Early Literacy Development & Utah Kids Ready to Read!

ULA is proud to help sponsor the Uintah County Library Early Literacy Video Project. The best ways to prepare your child to read are talking and reading with them. It can be as simple as narrating your day together. Spread the word and share the video!

Want more early literacy information? Utah Kids Ready to Read! provides information, training, technical assistance, and resources on emergent literacy for parents and caregivers, Utah librarians and their community partners.

Early literacy skills are what a child needs to know before he/she learns to read and write. The goals of early literacy are to increase the frequency and intention with which parents and caregivers:

  • Talk to their children
  • Share books with their children
  • Bring their children to the library

Early literacy is important because:

  • 35% of children enter kindergarten without the necessary skills to be successful students (Ready to Learn, a 1991 Carnegie Foundation report).
  • there is a 90% probability that a child who struggles with reading in kindergarten will struggle with reading in fourth grade.
  • the Nation's Report Card (2005) states that 36% of fourth graders and 27% of eighth graders are reading below basic skill level.

Early literacy and libraries go hand in hand because:

  • no one organization is responsible for teaching these skills to parents of 0 – 5 year olds. there is research-based proof of the value of storytimes and other children's services.
  • it increases the value of libraries and librarians to the community.
  • it ensures creation of future library users.
  • it increases awareness of library materials and library use.

Visit Utah Kids Ready to Read! for more resources on early literacy.

ULA 2021 Virtual Conference & New Roundtables
ULA 2021 Virtual Conference & New Roundtables

Dear ULA Members,

Autumn is the season when plans for the ULA Conference move forward in earnest. With regards to the 2021 Conference, we have been looking at how social distancing limitations would affect an in-person conference, have surveyed various library administrations, and considered travel and budget challenges. In light of the many factors, known and unknown, affecting the 2021 Conference, the ULA Board decided last Friday to transition the ULA Conference in May 2021 from and in-person event, to a virtual conference.

We are indeed disappointed to again not be meeting and reconnecting in-person with you all. We are anxious to do so; however, it is our hope that by making these decisions now we can focus on giving you the best possible virtual event which we can much more confidently bring all of you despite the challenges we are facing.

More details will be forthcoming including calls for proposals, updated registration fees and dates, and format details. Platforms for the conference are already in earnest review. The Mountain Plains Library Association members are also still invited to attend and will be given the call for proposals as well. We appreciate the MPLA Presidency's support during all our discussion and considerations!

The conference theme remains the same: We Are the Heart. Our libraries are the heart of our communities. You each are the heart of your library to keep them going. There are many successes happening across Utah libraries and communities because of you and in spite of pandemics, fires, winds, earthquakes, unrest, stress, and other 2020 challenges. There will be much to share at our 2021 conference!

Finally, we are also delighted to announce that the Rural and Small Libraries Committee, the Copyright Education Committee, and the Outreach and Community Engagement Committee have each been transitioned to Roundtables! These groups have grown in membership and autonomy over time. This change will allow each of these groups to elect their own leadership and allow any ULA member interested in their work to join. The current chairs will continue to serve through this year and steering committee elections for each will occur with the upcoming 2021 election.

Thank you for your continuing support! We look forward to a great virtual conference in May 2021 with you!

Very respectfully,

The ULA Presidency and Board