Library Services in Latin America and Utah: Applying lessons learned abroad in library outreach and collections


This presentation will provide information about Libraries Without Boarders (LWB) and their international efforts to increase access to information in developing countries. The introduction will contain a description of the work being done by LWB to create one of the only school libraries in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. The presentation will include descriptions of current library practices, photographs of the physical libraries, and education statistics in Guatemala. This introduction will offer a basic understanding of library practices in Guatemala and how current Utah library outreach can to be adjusted to better connect with immigrant populations. The presentation will conclude with information on how to improve our own library services for immigrant populations by offering simple marketing suggestions and resources for collection development.


  • David Bird, Salt Lake County Library Services
  • Stephanie Anderson, Salt Lake County Library Services

Location & Date

Utah Library Association Annual Conference, May 6, 2016.