Assessment Round Table (ART)

The purpose of the Assessment Roundtable (ART) is to develop a culture of assessment in Utah libraries by promoting the collection, analysis, and reporting of data that describes libraries’ function and value for communities, strategic planners, and decision-makers. It has four primary activities:

  1. Explain how data can inform value description, decision-making, and strategic planning for library operations (services, spaces, resources, patron interactions).
  2. Provide professional development to teach librarians how to assess library operations.
  3. Collaborate with other libraries on similar assessments.
  4. Disseminate assessment findings to library personnel and at workshops, conferences, and in journals.

Current Officers

Chair – Holt Zaugg
Assessment Librarian, Associate Librarian, Brigham Young University

Vice Chair – Molly Cozzens
Family Services Librarian, Salt Lake County Library System



Assessment Resources