ULA Paraprofessional Certification Program – Submitting Claims for Points – Form B


The program is designed to identify achievements within the service areas of the library. This is achieved by assigning point values to the various activities of the participant. Participants should submit forms and documentation for points online as they are completed.

Applicant must supply a completed chart to their mentor and the total points across and down must match.

Each activity for which the participant wishes to claim points must have a completed Claims Form (Form B) indicating the participant’s identification, the Area of Expertise, and Library Service Area, the number of points being requested, and all documentation for that activity uploaded to Claims Form. (For example, for points requested in Professional Development, the participant’s course transcript could be uploaded to Form B as documentation.)

The participant must be able to verify the learning experience through documentation that can be gathered from various sources.  Documentation may include the following:

  • Job descriptions
  • Awards, letters of commendation
  • Letters of corroboration from supervisors
  • Samples of work produced,
  • Explanation of tasks performed
  • Conference/workshop programs, handouts or notes
  • Licenses
  • Newspaper or magazine clippings.

The participant should remember that these are not all-inclusive and other documents which can verify the learning experience may be used.  When documents are uploaded to the Form B, please remember that only ONE document is allowed, so multiple pages must be merged into one document for successful transmission.

The section of Form B (Claim for points submission form) called “Explanation/Justification” allows the participant to justify and explain their request for points for each submission.  Participants request points for learning gained through experience beyond the participant’s required job parameters, and for their experience, professional development and service. It is also used to justify a claim that learning is library-related when it is not readily apparent. The participant should include statements and comments about what was learned and/or how it did enhance their work.

The number of points given will be based upon the written statement of the participant, and what they have requested, all while taking into consideration the Point Guidelines.

The participant can specify and request that an activity be awarded a certain number of points. If points are specifically requested, the Review Board may award the final number of points to an activity up to, but not beyond, the number of points requested.

Submitting Claims for Points – Form B

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