ULA Paraprofessional Certification Program – Areas of Expertise

Professional Experience: Points for experience are based on Full Time Equivalency (FTE) of 40 hours per week, 12 months per year and include both volunteer and paid employment. It does not refer to experience in which an individual may use a library as a patron.
Claims for points must have information showing the number of hours per week worked for the length of time the participant was employed. If the work was not on a 12-month basis, that difference must also be reported. The participant must provide letters from employers which fully verify this employment. Points are granted for time on the job and do not consider the level of difficulty of the job. Experience points can be applied to areas of library service by stating how many hours are spent in different areas, e.g. two hours a day cataloging materials, etc.

Professional Development: Points awarded are based on anything that enhances skills, increases knowledge, and improves performance. This can include:

  • Taking academic classes/credit courses
  • Attending conferences, workshops, and webinars
  • Attending training or seminar sessions, either in person or online
  • Reading professional literature

Professional Service: Points awarded are based on the participant’s involvement in professional activities, and how they are giving back to the profession. This can include

  • Membership in professional organizations
  • Serving as an officer or committee chair or committee member
  • Giving presentations
  • Teaching classes
  • Writing and giving papers (oral or published)
  • Assignments beyond the job description


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