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Spring 2018

Spring 2017

Spring 2016 (aka “The Year of Outreach Presentations!”) :

Spring 2015:

  • Preconference! Library Outreach & Collaboration: An effective model for community engagement. Peter Bromberg, Johns Spears, Juan Tomas Lee, Liesl Seborg.
  • Outside the (TRAX) Lines: Providing Library Services on Public Transit. Wanda Huffaker and Jessie McKinney
  • Local Connections: Creating a Community Librarians’ Association. Pamela Martin, Joseph Anderson, Robert Shupe, Anna Hedrich, Liz Woolcott, Shawn Bliss and Puanani Mateaki.
  • Latino Outreach at the Grassroots Level: Success with a Latino Advisory Council. Robert Shupe, Sherrie Mortensen, Zinthia Acevedo, and Nadia Benitez.
  • Minding the Gap: How the Ben Franklin Effect Can Transform Staffing Limitations into Powerful Library Advocacy. Adam Winger.