Outreach Award

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The Outreach Award honors an individual or group that has made notable outreach efforts to expand library services or access to information to underrepresented populations.


Nominees must be current ULA members or include at least one current ULA member if a group is nominated.


Nominees for the outreach award must have demonstrated significant outreach efforts to encourage the use of library services or to improve access to information for underrepresented populations. This award defines underrepresented populations broadly to include any user group that was previously underserved prior to the nominee’s outreach efforts. The significant outreach efforts may be the initiation of a major outreach project, the completion of a major outreach project, or represent sustained outreach efforts over time.

To nominate for the Outreach Award please use this form.  Deadline is typically November of the year prior to the ULA Conference.


The award was first presented at the 2014 ULA Annual Conference.

Previous Award Winners:

2018: Juan Tomás Lee, Utah State Library Division

2017: Stephanie Anderson, Salt Lake County Library

2016: Not Awarded

2015: Deborah Ehrman – Salt Lake City Public Library

2014: Daisy A. Hodson – Summit County Library