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The mission of the Utah Library Association is to serve the professional development and educational needs of its members and to provide leadership and direction in developing and improving library and information services in the state. In order to accomplish these goals, ULA provides continuing education programs for Utah librarians and library employees, especially at its annual spring conference. The Association also initiates and supports legislation promoting library development and monitors legislation that might threaten Utah libraries and librarians. ULA offers members a number of opportunities for library leadership, professional growth, networking, and community service. We hope that you will find the Utah Library Association to be an organization that makes a difference for you, for Utah librarians, for Utah Libraries, and for the citizens of Utah.

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ULA Documents

The Bylaws and Manual of Procedures provides detailed information on every aspect of the Association and should answer nearly any question that you might have about ULA policies and procedures.

ULA Meeting Minutes and Supporting Documents are available to download.

ULA Financial Reports are also available for review.


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