ULA 2021 Election Results

The 2021 Elections are complete.

A sincere thank you to all the wonderful candidates who ran for office!

Congratulations to the following candidates who were elected:


ULA President-Elect: Marissa Bischoff

ULA Board Member-at-Large: Emily Bullough

ULA Board Member-at-Large: Emily Swensen Darowski

American Library Assoc. Councilor: Trish Hull

Mountain Plains Library Assoc. Rep: Sherrie Mortensen


Academic Section

Chair: Dan Broadbent

Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect: Diana Meiser

Member-at-Large: Nena Schvanavelt


Special Section

Chair: Janae Whanschaffe

Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect: Karen Newmeyer


Archives, Manuscripts, & Special Collections Roundtable

Chair: Camri Kohler (Chair-Elect 2020-2021)

Chair-Elect: Kathleen Broeder


Business Roundtable

Chair: Ben Wilson (Chair-Elect 2020-2021)

Chair-Elect: Zach Allred

Member-at-Large: Brandon Bowen

Member-at-Large: Leticia Camacho

Member-at-Large: Alex Sundt


Copyright Education Roundtable

Chair: Benjamin Whisenant

Chair-Elect: Dave Pixton

Member-at-Large: Sarah Foster

Member-at-Large: Justin Johnson

Member-at-Large: Becky Loveridge


Diversity Services Roundtable

Chair: Cristina Reyes (Chair-Elect 2020-2021)

Co-Chair-Elect: Diana Castro

Co-Chair-Elect: Karen Liu


Genealogy Roundtable

Chair: Milan Pohontsch (Chair-Elect 2020-2021)

Chair-Elect: Jeremy Myntti

Member-at-Large: Katie Althoff-Hall

Member-at-Large: Joe Everett


Government Documents Roundtable

Chair: Jen Kirk

Chair-Elect: Shane Wallace


Health Roundtable

Chair: Dave Castelli

Chair-Elect: James Heiner


Library Administration and Management Roundtable

Chair: Charlene Crozier


Library Instruction Roundtable

Chair: Carol Kunzler (Chair-Elect 2020-2021)

Chair-Elect: Ernesto Hernandez Jr.

Member-at-Large: Anne Diekema

Member-at-Large: Katherine Paterson


Library Paraprofessional and Support Staff Roundtable

Chair-Elect: Abby Kirkwood


New Perspectives Roundtable

Chair: Darby Fanning

Chair-Elect: Nathan Robison


Outreach and Community Engagement Roundtable

Chair: Tina Bartholoma

Chair-Elect: Trevor Alvord

Member-at-Large: Christopher Clark

Member-at-Large: Erin Warnick


Reference and Adult Services Roundtable

Chair: David Bird

Member-at-Large: Cynthia Lopez


Technical Services Roundtable

Co-Chair: Nicole Lewis

Co-Chair: Rachel Wittman

Co-Chair-Elect: Tammy Buehler

Co-Chair-Elect: Rosie Liljenquist


Youth Services Roundtable

Co-Chair: Angela Edwards

Co-Chair: Kristen Nilsson