Utah State Library | United in Diversity

“The Utah State Library and staff affirm their commitment to treating all people with respect and dignity. All libraries should have the ongoing mission to provide equitable access to resources and services for all communities. We recognize and value Utah’s diverse population and voices. This work takes courage and compassion and we stand with all persons seeking justice and an end to any discriminatory practice that undermines the value of human life.”


In the 12 months leading up to ULA’s 2022 Annual Conference, the State Library is proud to partner with ULA and DSRT to present a year long curriculum on the conference theme “United in Diversity | Unida en la Diversidad.” Each month will highlight a new focus area, with opportunities for Utah library professionals to learn, discuss, and take action.

June: Publishers of Color

July: Serving Homeless Patrons
Zoom Meetup–July 29 @ 12

August: Land Acknowledgement
Zoom Meetup–August 26 @ 12

September: Serving & Including Community Members With Disabilities
Zoom Meetup–September 30 @ 12

October: Auditing Your Collection
Zoom Meetup–October 28 @ 12

November: Identifying Your Community
Zoom Meetup–November 29 @ 12

December: Suicide Prevention
No Zoom Meetup

January: Highlighting #OwnVoices Authors
Zoom Meetup–January 27 @ 12

February: Critical Cataloging
Zoom Meetup–February 24 @ 12

March: Optic Allyship
Zoom Meetup–March 31 @ 12

April: LGBTQ+ Welcoming Environments
Zoom Meetup–April 28 @ 12

May: Year of Learning Conference Social

All year long, ULA members are invited to participate in an open, ongoing discussion in the ULA Slack #edi channel.


Collective Change: Books to Shape Racial Consciousness

In an effort to unpack race and facilitate greater conversation, the Utah State Library Division and Utah Division of Multicultural Affairs have teamed up to launch “Collective Change: Books to Shape Racial Consciousness”—a Book Buzz partnership bringing a series of twelve books to celebrate and honor the immense diversity of Black literature and narratives. 

Collective Change: An Indigenous Experience

The Utah State Library Division and the Utah Division of Indian Affairs have partnered together through the Book Buzz program to bring a series of ten books to unpack the complex experience of American Indians, facilitate conversation, and shape greater consciousness. These literary works have been selected to celebrate Indigenous literature and narratives and to honor the immense diversity of their experiences. We invite our community to engage in this opportunity to inspire brave dialogue that can lead to collective action towards inclusive and healing spaces.