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Conference slides and handouts are organized alphabetically by title. Authors, session category (academic, public, general, special), and any tags (e.g., technical services) are listed as well.

Activism vs. Intellectual Freedom: What Would You Do?
Mariah Manley, Patrick Hoecherl
Tags: Civil Engagement, Intellectual Freedom, Ethics, Professional/Staff Development, Social Change
Activism vs. Intellectual Freedom Slides

Building Creative Communities: How Small and Rural Libraries Can Contribute to Economic Development and Civic Pride Across Utah
Juan Lee, Kerri Nakamura, Natalie Petersen, Roger Roper
Tags: Spaces & Places, Programming/Services

Crafting a Fair use Policy for Your Library
Allyson, Mower, Elizabeth Miles, Shawn Steidinger, Rebekah Cummings, Rita Christensen, Liz Solis, Chelsea Howells, Anna Zanarini, Becky Thoms, Rick Anderson
General, Pre-conference
Tags: Facilitation, Human Resources, Training, Administration, Management, Leadership, Copyright, Intellectual Property
Crafting a Fair Use Policy_Slides1_CopyrightBasics
Crafting a Fair Use Policy_Slides2_WorkingSession
Crafting a Fair Use Policy for Your Library

Hot Type: Utah Digital Newspapers
Jeremy Myntti, Tina Kirkham
Tags: Digitization, Genealogy & Local History, Partnerships & Collaboration
Hot Type Slides

Jerry-Rigging Your Way to a Better Digitization Workflow
Andrea Page
Tags: Digitization, Special Collections/Archives, Genealogy & Local History
Jerry-Rigging Presentation Slides

Leveling Up Library Support for a Game Studies Program
Talli Casucci, Anne Morrow, Roger Altizer, Greg Hatch, Christy Jarvis, Nancy Lombardo
Tags: Games & Gaming, Instruction, Collection Development

Level Up with Health Resources in Utah
Jenny Johnson
Tags: Adult Services, Information Literacy, Partnerships & Collaboration
Level Up with Health Resources_ULA2018_Slides

Literacy Skills with Preschool Dance Party
Sharon Robinson, Scott Bahlmann
Tags: Serving Youth, Programming/Services
Literacy Skills with Preschool Dance Party Slides

Not Just Another LibGuide: Applying UX Design to Take Research Guides to the Next Level
Chloe Barnett, Susannah Woodbury
Tags: Serving Youth, Programming/Services, Marketing, Teaching & Learning, Community Surveys, Information Literacy, Digitization, Genealogy & Local History, Partnerships & Collaboration, Readers’ Advisory, Games & Gaming, Instruction, Collection Development, Technology & Tools

Patron Service & Personal Safety: Getting the Best of Both Worlds
Miranda Kispert, Heather Downing, Tessie Zarogoza, Leslie Simpson, Barry Gomberg
Tags: Personnel & Staffing, Professional/Staff Development, Leadership, Assessment, Virtual Communities & Libraries, Adult Services, Programming/Services, Technology & Tools, Training, User Experience (UX), Teaching & Learning, Special Collections/Archives, Genealogy & Local History
Patron Service & Personal Safety – Kispert and Downing Slides

“Quiero ayudar.  Hablo un poquito.” – An Incentivized Staff Spanish Program
Carla Gordon, Joella Peterson
Tags: Diversity, Access Services, Training, Professional/Staff Development
Quiero Audar_ULA 2018 Presentation Slides

Taking Advantage of Your Friends (of the Library) or How to Extend Library Hours Without a Budget
Phil Roché, Doug Wayman, Amber Beach
Tags: Advocacy, Marketing, Management
Taking Advantage.. Or How to Extend Library Hours_Slides

Thinking About the Future: Trends, Signals, and Values for the Library of the Future
Miguel Figueroa
General, Keynote
Tags: Social Change, Administration

Virtual Reference Power Boost: Conducting a Chat Transcript Analysis at Utah State University
Rachel Wishkoski, Teagan Eastman, Katie Strand, McKenzie Hyde
Academic, Split Session
Tags: Adult Services, Assessment, Training, User Experience (UX), Technology & Tools
ULA Slides_Virtual Reference Power Boost

The World is Your Oyster: How Librarians Can Facilitate Curriculum Innovation and Student Engagement Through OER and Open Pedagogy
Rosie Liljenquist, Anne Diekema
Tags: Professional/Staff Development, Teaching & Learning
ULA 2018 OER and Open Pedagogy Slides

www.What?: First-Year Students’ Internet Source Evaluation Habits
Elise Silva, Jessica Green, Cole Walker
Academic, Split Session
Tags: Teaching & Learning, Community Surveys, Assessment
ULA Source Evaluation Study Presentation Slides