2017 Schedule, Slides & Handouts

Online Conference Schedule


Need a map? Maps, mapping, and geospatial services in libraries

Anne Hedrich, Todd Hugie, Justin Sorensen, Sally Thompson


No really, we can help with this: librarians facilitating research assignment design

Rachel Wishkoski, Kacy Lundstrom, & Erin Davis


State of the State: Information Literacy Instruction Across Utah

Anne Diekema, Caitlin Gerrity, Paula Mitchell, Phil Roche


How I Weaseled My Way Into a Class for the Whole Semester and Successfully Killed the One-Shot

Adriana Parker, Cassie Power


Book a Librarian 2.0: Supporting Users Through On-Demand Research Consultations

Dory Cochran, Alex Sundt


 Y Search: Tutorials that Scaffold Learning

Leanna Fry Balci, Elise Silva


Say What You Think: the Positive Impact of Pulse Surveys

Liz Brimley, Cali O’Connell


Open Educational Resources from the Bottom Up

Andy Spackman, Michael Whitchurch


Supercharged Digital Collections: Moving from the Slow Lane to the Fast Lane with Scalable Open Source Infrastructure

Matt Brunsvik, Brian McBride, Jeremy Myntti, Anna Neatrour, Alan Witkowski


Copyright Myth Destroyers

Rick Anderson, Jessica Breiman, Rebekah Cummings, Elizabeth Miles, Allyson Mower, Susie Quartey, Shawn Steidinger, Becky Thoms, Peter Vanderhooft, Erin Warnick



Grants, Partners & Outreach – Oh My!

Nyssa Fleig, Telesa Nicholes, Liesl Seborg


Librarian’s Choice Awards: Utah Librarians’ Favorite Apps

Tyson Thorpe, Michael Whitchurch


Everybody can use a friend: the value of Friends’ groups to libraries

Joseph Anderson, Anne Hedrich


Refugees in Utah: Collaborating with Partners to Welcome New Neighbors

Aden Batar, Nyssa Fleig, Caren Frost, Erica Lake, Safi Safiullah


The Future of LIS Education

Dustin Fife, Mary Naylor


Is It Time to Get Rid of Fines at Your Library?

Duane Wilson


Planning Your Own Adventure: Discovering Tools for Library Programs and Grants Planning

Ambra Gagliardi, Donna Ziegenfuss


Awesomeness on the Cheap: Teen programs on little or no money

Natalie Daniel, Sarah Hall


Lightning Fast RA: How to Catch Their Attention in 90 Seconds or Less

Kira Moody


Allied at the Library: Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth

Michael Cox, Spring Lavallee, Salvador Oregon


BIG Ideas for Small Libraries

Lori Bonner, Erin Warnick


Discover Discovery Kits

Virginia Catherall, Amy Childress, Robyn Green, Joella Peterson


How small is it?

Shawn Bliss, Laurie Hansen, Liesl Seborg


Now Playing at Your Library: Music Programming and You

Dan Berube, Tyler Curtis, Karl Gilchrist


Purposeful Planning in Children’s Programming

Sherrie Mortensen


Teens Teach: The Teen-Led Programming Revolution!

Spring Lavallee, Jenn McKague


“Mom, I don’t want to leave the library!” Creating a Children’s Space for Children