Reference and Adult Services Round Table (RASRT)

The Reference and Adult Services Round Table (RASRT) supports the provision of excellent reference and information services, readers’ advisory, and adult programming in public, academic and private libraries.  We provide support for a broad range of library services through training, conferences and webinars and also host networking opportunities for informational professionals.  In the coming year, RASRT plans to expand its activities to play a more active and positive role in the Utah library community.  This is an exciting time to be a member of RASRT since members are able to play a role in shaping its future.

Events and Photos

Online Training Opportunities:
Digital Inclusion 101 RASRT sponsored workshop
The Reference Interview: Best Practices/Dealing with Difficult Situations RASRT webinar
Influence When You Have No Power or Authority RASRT sponsored webinar
Successful Library Services for Seniors RASRT webinar
USL Online Learning Lab
Webjunction Webinar Archives
Infopeople Archived Webinars


Leslie Schow
Herriman Library, Salt Lake County Library Services
Phone: 801-944-7682




Andonia (Nia) Thimakis
Whitmore Library, Salt Lake County Library Services
Phone: 801-944-7631


Jason Cornelius
Logan Library
Phone: 435-716-9143

Cherie Willis
Salt Lake City Public Library
Phone: 801-524-8200

Meeting Notes

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