2018 Conference Keynotes

Thursday, May 17th – 9:30-10:30 AM

Kris Boesch

Kris Boesch is the CEO and Founder of Choose People, a company that transforms company cultures, increases employee happiness and boosts the bottom line. The Choose People 360° Culture Audit is based on over 1000 hours of research Boesch conducted with the Industrial Organizational Psychology Department at Colorado State University. Kris Boesch is also the acclaimed author of Culture Works: How to Create Happiness in the Workplace. Prior to Choose People, Boesch was the CEO of Exodus Moving & Storage. Under her leadership, Exodus became the largest mover in Northern Colorado with a turnover rate nearly 40% less than the industry average and a bottom line twice that same average. Kris has been featured as a workplace culture expert in Inc., Entrepreneur and Forbes. Kris is also a proud mother, dancing diva and dog lover.

Keynote – Thursday, May 17th – 9:30-10:30 AM

Make Happy Work:  How to Experience More Joy in Your Workplace

In this highly interactive and energized presentation, Kris Boesch weaves valuable content, enlightening stories and tangible tools to improve your library’s workplace culture. Whereas other programs miss the mark by only talking about employee “satisfaction” or “engagement,” Boesch takes workplace culture to a whole new level well beyond compensation, basic HR practices and “perks.” She unveils why emotional intimacy is the secret ingredient to the secret sauce of workplace culture. Participants will learn how to create collaboration, camaraderie and connection amongst their teams. This “glue” results in perseverance through tough times, inspiration to go the extra mile and retention of top talent. Participants will be able to take her specific tangible no-cost ways to create an extraordinary workplace culture and implement them within their organizations to see immediate results.

Key takeaways include understanding:

  • Why Emotional Intimacy is a Non-Negotiable
  • The 3 Critical Paradigm Shifts
  • 7 Savvy Strategies to Strengthen Your Team


Friday, May 18th – 8:30-9:30 AM

Miguel Figueroa

Miguel Figueroa works at the Center for the Future of Libraries (, an initiative from the American Library Association. He has previously held positions at the American Theological Library Association; ALA’s Office for Diversity and Office for Literacy and Outreach Services; NYU’s Ehrman Medical Library; and Neal-Schuman Publishers. He is a graduate of the University of Arizona’s Knowledge River Program, an initiative that examines library issues from Hispanic and Native American perspectives.

Keynote – Friday, May 18th – 8:30-9:30 AM

Thinking About the Future: Trends, Signals, and Values for the Library of the Future

Foresight and futuring begin with the study of change – using trends as signals for the future. We can use trends thinking to help us understand the inbound change transforming our world. And we can use our values to guide our use of those trends to create outbound change that helps create the library of the future. This session will share the work of ALA’s Center for the Future of Libraries and lead into an interactive session to let attendees share their vision for the future.