Copyright Education

The ULA Copyright Education Committee discusses, explores, and educates ULA members on the full range of copyright and helps create a consistent understanding of the core rights that make up copyright along with the range of exceptions as they relate to libraries, readers, teachers, and learners.  


Allyson Mower, U of Utah (chair); Elizabeth Miles, LDS Church History Library (vice-chair); Susie Quartey, BYU; Rebekah Cummings, U of Utah; Becky Thoms, USU; Rick Anderson, U of Utah; Jessica Breiman, U of Utah Special Collections; Peter Vanderhooft, Riverton Public Library; Shawn Steidinger, Primary Children’s Medical Library; Erin Warnick, American Fork Public Library;

  1. General Copyright Information:

    1. American Library Association

    2. Association of Research Libraries

    3. Copyright Law

    4. Fair Use Evaluation

    5. Recreate

    6. Using Images: Copyright & Fair Use

  2. Permission Free Resource List:

    1. Creative Commons

    2. Flickr Creative Commons

    3. HathiTrust

    4. Open Library

    5. Project Gutenberg

    6. Youtube EDU

  3. Resources for Finding Copyright Owners and Clearances:

    1. Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI)

    2. Copyright Clearance Center (CCC)

    3. Find a Copyright Owner

    4. Motion Picture Licensing Corporation

    5. Movie Licensing USA

    6. Search Copyright Information

    7. United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)