Utah Library Association Statement on Orlando Shooting

we are orlandoEsteemed Colleagues,

Since the catastrophic event at Pulse in Orlando, we have witnessed beautiful tributes to victims and survivors through news and social media. We have also seen unfortunate support for hatred, judgement, and exclusiveness. It is difficult to navigate such emotions. And it is even more difficult to express the profound sadness I’ve felt during this tumultuous time.

I’m writing to you to unite our voices and ignite our efforts as Utah Librarians. Day by day, we experience opportunities to do better for the people we have the privilege to serve. It truly is a privilege. We are fortunate to work in a field that not only experiences diversity, but also values it. However, it is not enough that our library buildings exist as institutions open to all. Our buildings are merely structures. You create the humanity in your library.  It is a Librarian who radiates inclusiveness. It is a Librarian who sets an example for someone who lacks courage to accept another. It is the Librarian who values each individual and their story. It is a Librarian who uses only one label for every person – important.

My friends, I believe libraries are the center of our communities only because you have your community members at the center of your heart. Now, it is our opportunity to act. Please join with me. Renew your dedication to inclusion. Start and continue conversations about inclusiveness with your team members. Enhance your daily interactions with every individual knowing they have a unique and important story. Use every opportunity to demonstrate humanity and kindness along with great information.

Our community members deserve our voices and our courage. Let us do this for them, for each other, and for ourselves.

Jami Munk Carter
President, 2016-2017
Utah Library Association

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2016 Conference: Keep on Learning


By: Dustin Fife

ULA Past-President

Annual conference has come and gone. I had an incredible experience because of all of you. I want to express gratitude to everyone who helped plan and execute the conference, and to everyone who presented. The annual conference is one of the best ways to share information and make all our libraries better. Conferences also always help me rejuvenate and prepare for the future. Once again, thank you to all who participated.

We now have several ways to help the learning continue, for those who attended and those who could not. First of all, using the conference hashtag (#ula2016) we have pulled all of the conference tweets and Instagram posts together into one feed using Storify. See what everyone was saying throughout the conference here:

ULA Conference Storify

We are also posting presentations through the online scheduling tool Sched.org. You can find the program here:

Conference Program

If you click on individual presentations such as this one, you can then find links to the individual presentations, just like this.

One of the most important things that you can do to continue the learning though, is to help us collect feedback so that we can make future conferences better. Please fill out the conference survey here:

Conference Survey

Once more, thank you to all who participated. I am excited to see the incredible things that will come from our new ULA President Jami Carter and President-Elect Dan Compton.


ULA Newsletter–April 2016

ULANews-APR 2016 – April Newsletter

ULA’s latest newsletter is now available. Thanks to Paul Daybell and his editorial staff for writing about Utah’s libraries and library professionals. There are great things happening in Utah libraries, and this is a great place to read about some of them. We are also excited for ULA Annual in two weeks. Read up and we will see you soon!

Visit the newsletter archive here.





Open the Doors ULA 2016

The Utah Library Association is excited to announce the 2016 annual awards. The work of librarians in the state of Utah is incredible. The Awards Committee has selected an amazing group of library professionals to honor. There were many deserving and qualified candidates who did not win this year. To the winners we say congratulations, and to those of you who were not selected this year, you have our sincerest gratitude for all of your hard work.

Below are excerpts from nominations for each of the winners. Please join the Utah Library Association in celebrating these amazing people. They will be celebrated at the 2016 annual conference in Layton, Utah.



By definition Librarian of the Year nominees, “will have accomplished a significant contribution to librarians and/or librarianship.” In addition, I believe the Librarian of the Year should also set a standard of librarianship that is a model for others to emulate. For both of these reasons, I nominate Liesl Seborg as this year’s Librarian of the Year.

Liesl has achieved a significant contribution this year by securing a two year Smart Investing @ Your Library FINRA grant. The grant is for the amount of $99,000, and represents a partnership between Salt Lake County Library Services and seven other agencies…The grant provides financial literacy education to refugees and new immigrants. The grant enables the creation of financial literacy curriculum, to be used in existing ESL classes as well as new stand-alone classes at library locations…

Liesl has a passion for serving the underserved…She believes in the importance of providing financial literacy classes to refugee and new immigrant families. And when Liesl sees an opportunity to provide services to a group in need, Liesl finds the time and pursues the resources to make it happen.



I am writing to nominate Jeanne Le Ber, recently retired Associate Director for Education and Research at the Eccles Health Sciences Library, for the ULA Distinguished Service Award. Jeanne was an active member of ULA from 1994 through 2015. In these 21 years, Jeanne has served the Association in myriad roles. She has been a Member-At-Large. She has been the Nominating Chair twice. She has served on the Program Board, the New Perspectives Round Table, and the Library Instruction Round Table each for two years. She has been an active member of the Health Round Table and has been Chair, as well as holding every possible position in that ULA Round Table…

Jeanne is also passionate about professional development. She has developed four nationally available continuing education courses for Medical Library Association members, including her most recent course, “Engaging 21st Century Learners,” co-developed and taught with her mentee, Erin Wimmer. Jeanne has served as the Utah Academic Libraries Consortium Professional Development Committee Chair and has three times served on its planning committee for statewide professional development opportunities. She has served as the InfoFair Coordinator here since 1999, and has coordinated the Priscilla M. Mayden Lecture since 2010. She has worked tirelessly on her own professional development and the list of CE courses she has taken is five pages long…

All these accomplishments show her commitment to our profession and her constant efforts to provide the most excellent service humanly possible. However, another magnificent contribution to the field has been Jeanne’s wonderful laugh, her persistent sense of humor and her ability to make work fun for everyone who has the privilege to work with her…



Susan Hamada worked at the Salt Lake County Library System for over 20 years. During that time she contributed much to librarianship in general and specifically to the Utah Library Association. While Associate Director of SLCo Library Services, Susan encouraged county staff to participate in ULA as members, officers, and presenters. She also helped provide county resources and financial support to ULA. SLCLS always has a large membership in ULA as well as a strong presence on the board. Susan’s leadership and support of new librarians being involved in ULA has been critical in the ongoing leadership of ULA.

Susan has served in several capacities in ULA including chair of the Public Library Section, ULA president from 2001-2002, and most recently as a member at large from 2013 to 2015 when she retired. She has also been active in the ULA Past President’s Committee. Susan has helped keep the ULA organization strong and an important voice in the library community…  

As an Associate Director for Programming, Outreach & Reference at SLCLS, Susan chaired the Reference Committee, championed community engagement and oversaw and developed programming and outreach initiatives for the Salt Lake County community. She also spearheaded the opening of the reading room at the South Main Clinic and initiated programs at the Road Home among other program offerings. Notably, Susan was a founding member of the Utah Kid’s Ready to Read program…

Susan Hamada had an intelligent and impactful force on Utah libraries. Her work in ULA and the Salt Lake County Library System has been remarkable, and she deserves to be honored for her efforts. Her considerable talents are missed by both ULA and the Salt Lake County Library. She is a compassionate, caring person who made a big impact on the community during her years as a library professional.



Anna Neatrour deserves the Special Recognition Award. In her personal time this year, Anna transitioned and rebuilt the Utah Library Association website. The website is now more beautiful and functional than it has ever been and it creates a much stronger impression for the Utah Library Association…

I cannot imagine the time that it took to entirely rebuild the Utah Library Association website. Anna, with the help of Barbara Hopkins, painstakingly transferred every single page of the old Drupal website to the new, and much more functional, WordPress website. The new website will allow people better access and it will impact our organization for years to come…

Anna has been a credit to her profession and an amazing resource for the Utah Library Association for years. As the Executive Director of ULA she helped lead our organization. As a librarian for the University of Utah and the Mountain West Digital Library, she has worked on and created projects that are invaluable. She is an amazing resource for Utah librarians and we are lucky to have her in our state and organization.
The Utah Library Association website was very complex. It had many different handlers and too many sections to count. The effort that Anna has exerted and the service that she has provided for the Utah Library Association deserves our recognition…



Linda is a paraprofessional working at the Gerald R. Sherratt Library at Southern Utah University. She received the Certificate of Achievement in 2002 and since then has been very supportive and involved in helping others receive it. In 2009 she became the chair of the review board and revitalized the program when it had become almost dormant. She gathered a strong group of committee members and has been a wonderful leader of that group. She worked hard to re-examine and revamp everything about the program.

Linda has a great passion for the Certificate program as demonstrated by her length of service as chair of the board. She has had to reassemble a board each year, train the new committee members, and mentor the individuals assigned to her. One of her greatest achievements is putting the instructions and the Certificate reporting forms online for individuals to use in submitting their information. She also created a spreadsheet of all those currently enrolled in the program, their progress, and their mentors. She spends considerable time reviewing submitted forms and documentation and forwarding them on to other mentors. Linda is always so positive and upbeat in dealing with the challenges she encounters and in leading the review board. She had given sessions about the Certificate program at least twice at ULA Conferences and poster sessions other years. This has led to an increased number of individuals signing up for the program. In the time she has served as chair at least ten people have received their Certificates which is a great accomplishment for them and a testament to Linda’s work.

Linda is the Circulation Coordinator at the Sherratt Library and her supervisor highly compliments her on her work there. She hires, trains and supervises students which is a never ending task. She has implemented new services and policies, developed new statistical reports, and increased the use of technology. The work she had done for the ULA Certificate program mirrors in some respects her own job as she has created new procedures, used technology more efficiently, explains the program, and trains/helps mentors and supports those enrolled.