Pardon Our New (Spectacular, Amazing, Life-changing) Website

Welcome to ULA’s newly designed website. It is spectacular, amazing, and life-changing, but it is also new. That is why I can describe it as such and still ask your patience and pardon. Anna Neatrour and Barbara Hopkins have spent the last six months migrating and formatting all of the pages from the old Drupal website to a new WordPress website. They have created new function and magnificent form that moves ULA’s website forward. On that note, wherever you are in the world please stand and give Anna and Barbara a round of applause!

WordPress is more dynamic and easier to use. The ULA website has many hands involved at times and this new site will minimize the learning curve.

If you are someone that should have access to the backend of the site, please contact Barbara Hopkins for access. There will be small changes and bugs that need fixed as we go forward. If there is anything you come across please do let Barbara know. More than anything though, thanks to Anna and Barbara! Enjoy the new site!


Dustin Fife

ULA President 

Librarian of Congress

A letter written to President Obama by Dustin Fife, ULA President.

Dear Mr. President:

The Utah Library Association emphatically supports the American Library Association’s recommendation that the next Librarian of Congress be a professional librarian that understands the importance and ethics of librarianship and the invaluable role of libraries.

“The American Library Association believes that the position of Librarian of Congress is critically important as a leader for our nation’s libraries and cultural institutions and as a global role model for democratic principles, economic development and new education models. As you contemplate the leadership needed to accomplish the significant work that lies ahead for libraries in a rapidly changing information environment, we strongly urge you to appoint a professional librarian as the next Librarian of Congress.”

An individual that will only focus on the prescribed roles of the Library of Congress is not enough. The Librarian of Congress needs to be a person that understands the opportunity that libraries create and the importance of libraries to American democracy. Please support libraries across America, and throughout the world, by assuring that the next Librarian of Congress be a professional and dedicated librarian.


Utah Library Association,

Dustin Fife–President

Pamela Martin–Past-President

Jami Carter–President-Elect

**letter to Utah Representatives and_Senators_ula (1)