Creating an Account

Creating an account

 If you have any problems
using the ULA site contact Barbara Hopkins @

 Sign up for an account. To prevent spam accounts the website administrator
will need to approve new accounts, so there will be a slight delay before your
account becomes active.

 Scroll down the page to
view the login or account registration box on the left side of the screen:

 Once you’ve logged in, the
account area will turn into a control box for adding new content to the ULA

 Adding Events Information:

 The ULA website features an events calendar
for posting meeting times and upcoming events.

To add a new event to the calendar:

click on Create Content

click ULA Event.

Include the name of your event,
any additional details, and the date and time the event starts and ends.

Click save to save the event, or preview if you want to check the
display of your event before saving.


Adding information to your
Committee/Roundtable/Section page:

Login to
the ULA site and browse to the page of your committee, round table, or section.

You should see the option
to edit the page if you’ve logged in
to the site:

Click on edit, then add and format any
additional information you’d like to have displayed on the page:

Scroll down under publishing options and click save to save your work.

To add photos:

Make sure you have saved your image in a JPEG or GIFF

File Attachments – choose a file –
browse your computer for the desired image.



the attachment

Copy the url associated with the attachment.


the editor window choose the picture

Insert the copied url

the size and position


If you have questions or problems
contact Barbara Hopkins @