Utah Library Association Mentoring Exchange


Do you need a mentor? Are you willing to be a mentor?


Please email your CV and a short description to ulamentoring@gmail.com if you want a mentor or are willing to be a mentor!

 The Utah Library Association will help you find a mentor. Mentoring relationships are essential to professional development and personal growth. The mentoring relationship is personal and should be enriching to mentor and mentee. ULA is invested in the development and sustainability of librarians in Utah and believes a mentoring program is an invaluable resource.

 The ULA Executive Committee will be matching mentors and mentees. If you are willing to be a mentor please send a short (one page) biography to ulamentoring@gmail.com . If you are interested in being a mentee please submit a biography (including professional aspirations) to ulamentoring@gmail.com . Once connected, no one is obligated to remain in a mentoring relationship. Each relationship is unique. 

 This is ongoing program, so please feel free to inquire at any time.