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Intellectual Freedom:

Your Community’s Right
Your Professional Responsibility

A Positive Approach


Intellectual freedom is:

Not just defending against censors, it is serving your community by offering choice

Not the exclusive property of one political point of view, it is an American value

Not the exclusive property of one belief system: democracy only succeeds with a diversity of ideas

Not accomplished alone: your staff, board, community, association, and colleagues will support you


What You Can Do

Stay Informed
Be familiar with your library policies on material selection, privacy and confidentiality, online access, public meeting rooms, displays, and exhibits.

Consult the Experts
Review library web sites such as the Utah State Library Division, the Utah Library Association, and the American Library Association for legal decisions, FAQs, training opportunities, and links to other resources.

Share Information
An informed staff can respond to questions and challenges professionally and with confidence.

Lead by Example
A demonstrated commitment to intellectual freedom can inspire your staff, co-workers, library board, and patrons.

Promote Community Awareness
Opportunities such as National Library Week and Banned Books Week can inform and educate the public of the library’s dedication to their right to know.

Build Coalitions
Working relationships with your Friends of the Library, other community cultural, educational, civic groups, and the local media will establish support before a challenge arises.

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