Welcome to ULA 2015-2016!

By: Dustin Fife, ULA President

First of all, we just completed an
amazing conference in St. George and I would like to genuinely thank Pamela
Martin, Jasmina Jusic, Marissa Snyder, Emily Bullough, and the entire
Conference Planning Committee for making it happen. The keynotes were powerful,
the networking was plentiful, and the presentations were engaging. It was a
tremendous success. These opportunities to meet together as colleagues and
friends strengthen us professionally and personally. We are stronger when we
are together, and gratefully, we get to take some of the strength back home
with us.


The theme for ULA 2015-2016 is Open the Doors.  I know, I know, it is a vague and
meaningless statement without context. You are the context. Your job is the context.
Your library is the context! This theme can be adopted by each and every one of
us. Here are a few examples of ways to consider the theme:


Open the doors to your library more                                                                            

Open the doors to new ideas

Open the doors to old ideas

Open the doors to new content

Open the doors to your data

Open the doors to your programs                                                              

Open the doors to your collection

Open the doors to new people and communities

Open the doors to your offices

Open the doors to your processes

Open the doors to new experiences




Access is the connecting theme between each of these ideas.
People need access to information, opportunities, skills, second chances, third
chances, and so many other things. We are all in a position to create access
for other people. As Maureen Sullivan taught us last week, WE ARE ALL IN A
POSITION TO LEAD! How can each of us Open the Doors for colleagues,
co-workers, patrons, students, community members, employees, ideas and so much
more? As you open new doors, share your successes and failures with all of us,
so we can grow and learn together. 


ULA is an amazing organization that has benefited me from
the moment I joined. I want to make sure that everyone has access to ULA, so I
am going to try and throw open the doors of ULA even more than they already
are. Firstly, I am going to ask every committee, roundtable, and section to
plan both formal and informal events this year. I want a year of ULA
interaction for all. Secondly, I want everyone to get involved in the ULA
Mentoring Exchange (http://ula.org/content/utah-library-association-mentoring-exchange).
Each of us needs a safety net. This allows us to try out new ideas and
innovate. Mentors are an important part of any safety net. They are
professionals that are not a part of your current organization that will walk
through ideas and life with you.  


ULA is here to strengthen us as a community of professionals
and individually. Please, Open the Doors in 2015-2016.


We have some amazing ULA events this year, so mark your


September 18, 2015
will be the YSRT Fall Workshops at
the Pleasant Valley Branch Library of the Weber County Library System. That
thing you Do
is the theme this year and every library should try and
have at least one person there.


September 25, 2015
will be the Utah Library Association
Fall Workshops
at the Uintah County Library in Vernal. The Continuing
Education Committee puts on a great show each year.


January 8-9, 2016
ULA and the Salt Lake City Public Library will host the first ever Failure Workshops at the Main Library.
We will have keynotes, presentations, food, and lots of honest dialogue. We are
going to set aside the shiny and perfected and focus on the process of trial
and error and the beauty of being human.


ULA Conference 2015 Photos

Roll over photos for additional information.

Your LSTA Stories are Needed....


State Librarian Donna Jones Morris met with the staff of all but one of  Utah's Federal legislators to report on the investment of Library Service and Technology Act (LSTA) funds in Utah Libraries.  Utah Librarians need to capture stories about how LSTA funds are positively impacting Utah library patrons. Please send stories to Donna (dmorris@utah.gov), LSTA Officer Telesa Nicholes (tnicholes@utah.gov), or Program Specialist Jeri Openshaw (jerio@utah.gov). 
Senator Lee's Washington Office Staff ask Sate Librarian Morris if Utah Libraries could loan, check-out, or give Senator Lee books or any other type of materials about Utah or by Utah authors, that would include material relevant to Utah.  Senator Lee has just moved to new, bigger offices and they have many empty shelves.  They would also like to have a library card from every public library.  Please contact Donna or Jeri Openshaw about this before sending anything. The State Library will coordinate the sending of materials.  


Current ULA Financial Statements

To view ULA current financial statements please visit http://www.ula.org/content/ula-financial-reports

2015 ULA Conference Program


Please click here to view the 2015 ULA Conference Program.



ULA Conference Twitter

To tweet about ULA conference sessions please use #ULACONF15

We look forward to your insight and feedback!



ULA Conference Event Details

Call for Event Details

Registration for the 2015 ULA Conference in St. George, UT is open and publicity about various opportunities at the conference are forthcoming.

Some ULA members expressed interest in organizing after-hour activities not directly associated with the conference. If you would like the conference planning committee to help spread the word about these activities, send information by March 9 to Emily Darowski,emily_darowski@byu.edu801-422-6346.

Please include details about *when, what, where, and who. If you would like to submit a designed ad for your event, send it as a pdf file.

*Please note that evening activities should take place after 5pm on Wednesday, May 13, after 8pm on Thursday, May 14, or after 5pm on Friday, May 15.

Intellectual Freedom - Challenges Reported 2014 - Last Call

Challenges Reported 2014 - Last Call
All Challenges  (any attempt to have library resource removed) from 2014 need to be reported to the Office of Intellectual Freedom by February 28, 2015.
You may do this yourself at www.ala.org/challengereporting or forward the information to Wanda Mae Huffaker (chair ULA Intellectual Freedom Committee) whuffaker@slcolibrary.org to enter information for you. 

All that is required is: 

  • Title of Resource
  • Reason for Challenge
  • Decision or Result

Names of persons making challenge should not be included. 

Any questions contact any member of the Intellectual Freedom Committee or Wanda at email or 801-944-7551

ULA to Offer Scholarships to FIrst Time Conference Attendees

ULA First time Conference Attendee Scholarship

First-Time Conference scholarships are designed to support a library employee or library student to

attend a library conference for the first time. The conference must be a major state, regional or

national library conference that is held outside a 50-mile radius of the library of employment. The

number of awarded grants will be determined by available revenues generated by ULA for this

project and may change in quantity from year to year.

Specific Guidelines for First Time Conference Scholarship:

1) The completed application must be received by ULA 60 calendar days prior to the start date

of the proposed conference. In order to take advantage of Early Bird Conference deadlines,

please submit the grant application as early as possible. Applications should be submitted as

attachments through email.

2) Applications should include a completed and signed application as a pdf file or scanned

document. A link to the conference website or brief description of the conference.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

3) Applicants must be current members of ULA.

4) First-Time Conference Scholarships will cover the following types of conference expenses:

conference registration, lodging, and airfare or mileage. Pre-Conference fees, meals, and

airport shuttle or taxi fees are NOT eligible conference expenses. Airline baggage fees are

allowable expenses, though they will be limited to one bag fee traveling to the event and one

bag fee traveling from the event.

5) First-Time Conference Scholarships have a maximum award amount of $250. Local match

by the library or the individual will need to cover all additional costs of attending the

conference; however, there is no required match for this grant type.

6) After receiving funding for conference attendance, second or third applications from the

same individual in the same fiscal year will be prioritized pending available funds.

To apply: http://www.ula.org/sites/ula.org/files/ULA-scholarship-app.pdf

2015 Annual Conference Registration Now Open!

ULA Conference 2015

At the Creative Crossroads

We are excited to announce that registration is now open for the ULA Conference 2015. Our theme for this year is, “At the Creative Crossroads.” With this theme, we are looking forward to coming together as librarians to share our research and projects and learn how to build more creative solutions in our work. Here are a few highlights of our program:

  • Pre-conferences involve topics such library outreach, freedom of speech, leadership, and building literacy through storytime.
  • 2nd Annual Silent Auction, proceeds help fund travel and registration for future ULA attendees
  • Bonus! This year we have two key notes: Maureen Sullivan (also doing a pre-conference) and Lynne S. McNeill.

To register visit: https://www.regonline.com/ULA2015

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